Monday, January 10, 2011

Images 2010

When it comes to the movies, I need something that fills my eyes; I yearn for memorable images. I also need something that engages mind and emotions. It was not a great year for films that met these criteria, but I found a number of satisfying movies that did their job well. When I can look back over the year and remember at least a few memorable images, I feel that it's been worthwhile. In fact, a few great films will go a long way to give me satisfaction in my ongoing quest for unique movie experiences. And schlocky films don't keep me away from the movies. I have to see something.

Here you will find an image from each of the 68 movies I saw at a movie theater - on Cape Cod, in Washington, D.C., and in the San Francisco Bay Area. I include the great, the good, the bad, and the dreadful in the order in which I saw them. As often happens, my favorites lump together toward the end of the year. As far as Google allowed, I tried to find a favorite image from those favorite movies.

For me, images are crucial. Dazzling cinematography, CGI, or art direction can boost my evaluation of a movie despite weaknesses in story, writing, and acting. Tron: Legacy might feature poor acting and silly dialogue, but I found a lot worth looking at. On the other hand, compelling ideas and great performances leave me feeling rather indifferent when the film lacks compelling imagery that fails to transport me.

As you scroll down, try to name all the movies represented. Hopefully you will see images from films that you loved. You will definitely see images from films that you hated; most likely I hated them too. Some of the images might be from movies you have forgotten! Indeed, some of these movies are forgettable. But scrolling below I realize that even though the great films in this collection are few, I had a lot of fun at the movies this year.


Fletch said...

You saw a lot of good flicks this year...but boy, did you see a lot of mediocre/bad ones, too.

Got a thing for Amanda Seyfried, do ya? Can't blame ya there.

Ones I didn't recognize:

* girl strapped to the table
* the shark (I assume a doc that I can't think of)
* the guys climbing in the snow
* the one between TS3 and Winter's Bone
* I assume the one under Animal Kingdom is The Last Exorcism?
* the two under Case 39 (the latter I assume is Lebanon)
* the one under Buried

Ha, you saw Case 39.

The Film Doctor said...

68 movies!

A nice selection of images. It reminds me that I still need to see The American and The Town.

Richard Bellamy said...

Yeah, Fletch, I saw a lot of bad ones that seemed hopeful at the time. I usually go to the movies on Friday night after a long stressful week teaching so I'm open to most anything.

Yes, "ha, bloody, ha," I saw Case 39 and it wasn't THAT bad. I had gone that night to see Let Me In but there was something wrong with the theater, so I got a free pass to the movie of my choice, and I had seen everything else on the marquee.

The unrecognized ones - in order:

The Crazies (actually very good)
North Face (Nordwand - released in Germany in 2008)
Eclipse (the most unlikely image I could find; one without Ed and Bella smooching)
Let Me In then Lebanon

Richard Bellamy said...

FilmDr. Yes, 68 means one per weekend and then some. Actually I went to the movies 78 times; I saw Inception four times, Tron thrice, and then some others twice.

The American was quite good; very stylish, nice shots of Jack's isolation. And The Town is worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

I saw 91 in the calendar year from 2010...this makes me feel like some sort of hermit. But seriously, this is a beautiful and unconventional salute to the year that was. Bravo.

Richard Bellamy said...

marshall - 91! Wow! All at the movies? Whatever, that's a lot of movies! I saw 66 movies on DVD but from different years. Thanks for visiting.

Sam Juliano said...

Well, you saw many movies, and this loving Cinema Paradiso-like evocation of the year in pictures is both diverse and challenging. A good number of these images immediately recalled the films they appeared in!

Wonderful year, Hokahey!

Richard Bellamy said...

Thanks, Sam. There were many memorable moments throughout the year. Here's to great viewing in 2011!