Monday, October 5, 2009

What They're Saying About Zombieland

IF your faithful movie blogger Hokahey went man-on-the-street on Main Street in Hyannis and IF he interviewed people about Zombieland, the new movie directed by Ruben Fleischer, here are some comments he'd like to hear.

“This is the best zombie comedy ever made.”

“Woody Harrelson, as avid zombie-slayer Tallahassee, deserves a nomination for Best Actor. Whatever he says is hilarious. And with the Oscars pumping up the number of Best Picture nominees to ten, Zombieland has a good shot at being nominated for best picture.”

“Emma Stone is hot as Wichita, the savvy female survivalist who can watch out for herself. I mean, she’s just as sexy as Megan Fox but she can act.”

“I loved all the cahs they get to drive.”

“Jesse Eisenberg plays Columbus, an obsessive compulsive, paranoid young guy who hangs onto his early 20s hang-ups even while he shoots a wicked double-barrel shotgun and survives by means of a hilarious list of survival do's and don't's illustrated by clever depictions of what happens when someone doesn't follow a guideline.”

"Jesse Eisenberg is wicked cute."

“The opening montage of slow motion shots showing various zombie attacks creates a frightening tone and really makes you feel that zombies have taken over the whole country.”

“I loved all the shooting - and I like how it's a guiltless pleasure watching it. I mean, for Chrissake, they're frickin' zombies! Who cares about them?"

“What’s with all end-of-the-world movies this year? Knowing, Zombieland - and The Road and 2012 coming up? Are things that bad? Whatever, this addition to the genre actually cheers you up! It’s the feel-good movie of the year! No, I’m not kidding. I mean, everybody except these four people is a zombie or a zombie “Happy Meal,” but you feel good cuz it’s such a no-nonsesne well-made little movie and you really get to like the four friends who stick together no matter what.”

“I didn’t know Abigail Breslin has such range. She usually just plays those Little Miss Sunshine type roles, but she can shoot a gun, too! It's great to see her branching out.”

"Like, I loved it when Abigail Breslin is trying to explain Hannah Montana to Tallahassee, and loved it when she doesn't know who Gandhi was. Uh, like, who was Gandhi?"

“The Pacific Playland sequence is side-splitting and suspenseful at the same time! One of the best action sequences filmed this year!”

“I loved the scene when they blow off steam by smashing everything in an Indian trading post gift shop called the Kemo Sabe. I’m a Mashpee Indian and I find those tourist gift shops to be tacky and demeaning to Native American culture. Great slo-mo photography.”

“If you don’t like this movie, you must be a frickin’ Yankees fan!”


FilmDr said...

Hyannis looks like it was taken over by zombies already? I was bothered a bit by the implicit endorsement of Hummers and Twinkies in Zombieland, two evil consumer items that reflect the film's punk aesthetic. Also, I heard that Breslin came up with the Hannah line on her own, a bit of improv that stuck.

At any rate, thanks for the link!

Hokahey said...

Breslin came up with the Hannah line? That's great. She's developing nicely as a child actress. I love the shot of her with the Indian headdress on, running slow-mo with the spear, with all the fake feathers flying around. One of my favorite shots in the whole film.

Yeah, the Hummers endorsement. In one respect a good choice as a car in the given situation - but the gas mileage! That's a lot of siphoning.

I laughed when I got this Hyannis picture. It does look like it's been taken over.

Thanks, as always, with the comment here and the responses to my comments on your posts.

Fletch said...

When I was in Hyannis, we could barely understand the really nice guy that worked the desk at the Days Inn. I would like you to ask him what he thought of Zombieland. then again, there's a really good chance he hasn't seen it yet. I can dream, though.

Wooster. Wooster. Dollah ninety-five. You all and your crazy accents.

Hokahey said...

It's Woostah. And I'm from California, my wife is from South Boston and Cambridge, and I find "her people," as I call them, to be a very curious lot. They love their Red Sox - and they got a big kick out of how Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds wants real estate on Nantucket as part of the deal.