Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 84th Academy Awards in an Alternate Universe

Best Director: Terrence Malick

Best Picture: The Tree of Life


Sam Juliano said...

Well Sir, I am with you on this alternate universe scenario, though I still applaud the Academy for annointing my #2 film of the year, THE ARTIST with it's major awards. Not of course like THE ARTIST really needed the Oscars after winning Best Picture from the Cesars, BAFTAS, New York Film Critics Circle, Boston Film Critics Circle, London Film Critics Circle, Washington D.C. Film Critics Circle, Independent Spirits, Golden Globes and dozens and dozens of others.

In fact THE ARTIST has done what no other film in history has done with this remarkable domination. If I didn't love the film I'd be cursing all this, but I'm on board lock, stock and barrel.

But yes, TREE OF LIFE is a film for the ages as well, and your terrific screen cap presentation puts things in the right perspective.

Hokahey said...

Thanks for the comment, Sam. I just feel that Malick's film is the kind of bold filmmaking that needs more recognition.

Sam Juliano said...

Absolutely Hokahey, and I didn't mean at all to imply otherwise with the comment I left.

THE TREE OF LIFE is my #1 film of 2011, my favorite Malick of them all and easily one of the three or four greatest films of the new millenium.

I applaud your presentation here.

Hokahey said...

Thanks, Sam. My comment was just a general proclamation. I knew you lived TTOL.