Saturday, September 14, 2013

Insidious: Chapter 2


Repeat the same lurid red main title from Insidious without the same effect; use clips from the first chapter as flashbacks; keep Rose Byrne's Renai looking like she's scared shitless throughout the movie..


Not nearly as chilling as Chapter One. Not nearly as chilling as this year’s Mama. Poor editing softens its attempts to be scary. A nice premise is set up with the clairvoyant throwing dice to see what Patrick Wilson's demonic Josh Lambert has behind his back, but the editing is ponderous.


Patrick Wilson does well as the Daddy possessed by a demon that wants the deaths of his family.


There are some chilling moments, and the climax is nicely gripping with some nice editing; but there’s nothing too memorable here.


Enjoyable though not that scary. I liked the flashbacks that tie this chapter with the original story. Wish the original had been a one-off entity. Don't need to see this again.


Steve's Blog said...

I was trying to put my finger on why Insidious 2 failed to resonate with me on a scary level. Then I read your review and you nailed the issue: the ponderous editing which disturbed what could have been some very intense payoffs. The extended flashbacks to part one also undermined the film's credibility a bit. Disappointing in light of Wan's earlier triumph with The Conjuring and Mama earlier this year.

In fact, the extended trailer for Gravity was the scariest part of the film!

Hokahey said...

Yes, the ponderous editing. Okay, so he rolls "knife" and then Josh pulls it out and holds it there for some seconds - absolutely no fright there.

But what about - the guy looks at Josh; rolls the dice; look at Josh; rolls the dice; then - boom - down comes the knife, maybe scattering the dice?

Really looking forward to Gravity. I've walked out of the extended preview twice so that I don't see or hear anything - so this movie needs to please hurry up and get here.

Thanks for reading - hope you like the format for posts which, because of school, need to be short.