Friday, August 13, 2010

"Yes!" Moment #10

Well, I guess I had to do an even 10 before ending this series (for a while at least). As explained here at "Yes!" Moment #1, I have posted moments randomly without any sort of rating in mind, but I must say the moment I consider one of the very best moments in cinema – a very intense moment – and I like intense! "No prisoners! No prisoners!"

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is not only a visually spectacular historical epic, it is a disturbing portrait of war and the effects of war on the human psyche. This is clearly and dramatically seen when Lawrence is faced with a crucial dilemma: avoid a crumbling Turkish column and push on to Damascus or exact revenge for the massacre of an Arab village. That Lawrence chooses violence is effectively developed by Lean’s masterful direction. This is one of the most intense scenes in any movie – and it is a Yes! Moment of effective cinematography and fine acting. Just look at Peter O’Toole’s face. Look at the anguish in his face. Look at his eyes. What power there is in theater and the (relatively) permanent capturing of theatrical moments in the medium of film!


Joel Bocko said...

Great image(s) to end on! I think my favorite of your "Yes" moments was that Plainview dissolve; it kind of reminds me of the "Merry Christmas, Charles..." "And a happy New Year!" cut from Citizen Kane...

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Richard Bellamy said...

Thanks for the comment, the link, and the inspiration, MovieMan. This was fun to do. Yes, there are some fantastic dissolves in Citizen Kane and it's amazing how the "Merry Christmas" dissolve so smoothly covers many years.