Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Yes!" Moment #5

This series could be as infinite as space. Anyway, here's the beginning: "Yes!" Moment #1

"Yes!"Moment #5 - from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968):

Much more than a "Yes!" Moment! I love cinema's power to blow your mind! I love the minimalist composition of this image.

But I'm thinking here that when I saw this movie in the 60s, I most likely said, "Right on!" or "Far out!" Definitely not "Yes!" or "Awesome!" because those are exclamations that were born at a later time. The 80s? I can think of kids in Spielberg movies - or in some of those really bad Spielberg-movie- wannabes of the 80s - definitely exclaiming, "Yes!" Can you think of a movie in which a character says, "Yes!"? Does Ferris Bueller say it? Does Matthew Broderick say it in WarGames (1983)? I know "Yes!" was big in the 90s. In Jurassic Park, the clever little hacker girl gets the locks working, and she and her brother cry out, "Yes!" What about "Awesome!"? When did that start?

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