Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Yes!" Moment #3

Take a look at "Yes!" Moment #1 to find out what this is all about. (Moments are presented randomly and are not meant as a rating.)

"Yes!" Moment #3 comes from Aliens (1986):

Oh, my God! Ripley is so awesome! All alone, she's going back to rescue Newt, down into the nether regions of the station that is swarming with alien creatures, and the whole planet is going to blow up in like minutes! Here she has just loaded her combination automatic rifle/flame-thrower/grenade launcher, and she's stuffed her pockets with flares. Taking a deep breath, she shakes off her fear. We shake off our fear! We can feel it in our trembling knees. In her eyes we see stone-hard determination, and we know she has shifted into alien-butt-kicking mode!

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